5 tips to make ‘Instagrammable’ photos of your Mum Flowers.



To get the best out of your photos, exposure is one of the most important factors that must be correct. It is recommended that you take your photo in daylight because then the quality of light is at its best. It is therefore important that you make sure you have sufficient light when taking photos of your Mum Flowers plant. If you intend to take photos of your plant indoors, it is best to place your plant as near to a window as possible. Daylight also makes the colours stand out more.  

Combining different colours

By combining Mum Flowers of different colours you can create a vibrant image. Sometimes this can be a little challenging, because not every colour combination is equally successful. We therefore recommend that you combine different shades of the same colour, but you can also try out more daring colour combinations.

Tip: Combine pink and orange flowers for a colourful ambiance

Detailed photos

People often tend to capture the entire plant from top to bottom. This can make for a nice photo, but often when you take a close-up of your ball-shaped chrysanthemum, it produces a rather more interesting image. 

Experimenting with depth of field

Experimenting with the depth of field will help to make the result of your photo more interesting. You can choose to blur your plant in the foreground thereby making the background sharper, or you can choose to focus on your Mum Flowers plant and blur the background making the plant appear as the main subject of the photo. (The point you focus on will be sharp and the rest will be blurred).

Tip: You don’t need to have prior knowledge of photography to take these kinds of photos. Nowadays many smartphones also have a function enabling you to adjust the depth of field.

Playing with different frames

Dare to experiment with the framing of your photo. You can also get a completely different image by changing your viewpoint. You can vary your viewpoint by photographing from below or from above. This will immediately create a completely different mood in your photo.

We are looking forward to seeing how you have implemented our tips. Tag your Instagram photo of your Mum Flowers plant or plants and share at and use the hashtag #mumflowers