5 surprising Belgian Mums stylings


Mums can not be left out of the streets in autumn. In countless places you can see chrysanthemums that gracefully welcome visitors at the front door. But fortunately, the time that Mums only give our entrance color is over. Thanks to the endless color palette and the enormous choice of different types, the Belgian Mums fit on every terrace and in any interior. Below are some ‘out of the box’ ideas for your favorite autumn bloomer.

1. Next to the fireplace

Just like the front door, you can provide your fireplace with a stylish Belgian Mum on both sides. Choose a pot size 17 or 19 so that the plants certainly come out well in the room. (Tip: do not put the plants too close to the fireplace.)

2. In combination with other flowers

Our Mums are undoubtedly colorful boosts, but in the company of other flowers they add extra color to your interior. (In this example the Belgian Mums were combined with dahlia’s and Prunus serrulata)

3. Belgian Mums in a row

The smaller pot sizes are very suitable for decorating tables. Go for two, three or more Mums in a row to add a cheerful color accent to your living or dining room.

4. Bring the sun into your kitchen

Small pot sizes are also ideal for brightening wall cabinets. Decide which objects you want to combine and choose a calm color palette. Tip: leave some open spaces so that everything is visible. That way your decoration stays airy and stylish.

5.Match color for a power look

Do you want your Belgian Mums to radiate power? Decorate them in a pot that has the same color as the flowers. Extra strength can be obtained by combining the different colors with each other.