An Indian summer party: 4 styling tips


Focus on nature

It is generally accepted that an Indian summer party is an outdoor event. It can be held in the garden, on the beach, in the forest,… Each location can be transformed into a party venue. Tables and chairs don’t necessarily have to match. Go for a specific style and the different items will automatically blend together. The decoration should not be restricted to the table. To free up space on the table decorate the area around it. Simply arrange the colourful Belgian Mums beside the table and they will immediately create a great eye-catcher when your guests arrive. To complete the decoration, install lights or lanterns.

belgian mums, chrysanten

The power of three

Add a touch of colour to your table decoration by displaying Mum plants in trendy little flower pots. Mix different colours together. Go for an odd number of plants (preferably 3). Not for nothing do interior designers call it the ‘power of three’. Also choose different colours for the flower pots. And voila, in no time you will have a table with great style.

belgian mums, chrysanten

At the table!

After the aperitif, it’s time to move on to the table. Don’t choose a formally laid out table, but go for a long table with colourful items that create a fun and casual impression. The tableware doesn’t have to match at all. Present your food on wooden boards or brightly coloured trays so that your guests can choose what takes their fancy. Soak up the fun while you catch up with the latest gossip. TIP: Make sure that the colour of the gourmet bites contrasts with the colour of the tray. In this way, your guests will be spoiled for choice.

belgian mums, chrysanten

A quiet corner for a little privacy

Create a quiet, cosy corner where your friends can go for a discrete tête à tête. This doesn’t have to be anything special. Just two beach chairs may do the trick. If you want to make it more cosy, you can spread a large blanket on the ground with lots of cushions scattered over it. Surround it  with a few Belgian Mums and you’ll have a cosy place for a convivial chat. 

belgian mums, chrysanten