Be Mum, Be More


Be Mum, Be More’, is a slogan that holds a great promise, combined with a challenging invitation. In fact, Belgian Mums invites young and old to make the most of themselves by adding value to the colourful Mums with a pretty decorative flowerpot.  This is how you do it:

It is true that a colourful Belgian Mum instantly makes you feel very happy, but a  suitable flowerpot that matches your interior or exterior adds that little extra touch as well. Once you have chosen your favourite MUM colour, the search for a suitable flowerpot can begin.

First of all, it is necessary to decide whether you want to place your ball-shaped chrysanthemum indoors or outdoors. Outdoor and indoor flowerpots are obviously not the same. Flowerpots that are suitable for creating more atmosphere on your patio are a bit sturdier because they have to withstand various weather conditions. Indoor flowerpots tend to come in a wide range of colours.

Then the creative work can begin. The possibilities are endless. Choose a colourful flowerpot if you want your new home accessory to be in the spotlight. But if you want the flowerpot to be in harmony with the overall concept, it is better to choose neutral colours. You can also experiment with the shape of the flowerpot to your heart’s content. You can choose a convex shape, but square flowerpots are definitely an option as well. The natural ball shape of the Belgian Mums gives an elegant contrast to the square shape of such decorative flowerpots. Wicker baskets are also very suitable for personalizing your Mum.

Our tip: choose a high pot so that only the ball shape is visible. In this way the MUMS are presented at their best and will have a greater visual effect.

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