DIY flower arrangement with chrysanthemums


What you need :

  • Large and small flower pot
  • Potting soil
  • 10 autumn plants
  • 1 Mum Flowers plant

Optional : an old bucket

Step 1:

Take a large flower pot and fill it with soil. If you want to save on potting soil, put an old bucket in the flower pot and fill the bucket with potting soil, this way you will need less potting soil.

Step 2:

Put the small flower pot in the middle of the large flower pot and make a mark with the small flower pot in the soil by turning it a few times.

Step 3:

Plant the autumn plants, that you have chosen, around the outside edge of the large flower pot, making sure that they are planted as close to the rim of the flower pot as possible.

Step 4:

Put the small flower pot in the middle of the autumn plants.

Step 5:

Place the Mum Flower plant in the small flower pot.

Step 6:

Put your creation in a nice spot and enjoy the ambience it creates.