From cuttings to chrysanthemums


In the autumn, you can enjoy the endless array of colours of our ball shaped chrysanthemums. The  splendid assortment of these autumn flowers brightens up the garden centres. However, it takes a long process before these colourful patio plants can be sold. Below you can read how a chrysanthemum is grown from a cutting.

It all starts here at Gediflora, the parent company of Mum Flowers. Gediflora breeds and propagates ball shaped chrysanthemums. This in fact means that our highly experienced team is constantly looking for new varieties and interesting colours. In the cutting season, the planner places orders for the different types of chrysanthemum cuttings, based on orders received and forecasts made, which are required to be delivered to the clients. These cuttings are grown at production sites in Brazil and Kenya. (Due to the local climate which is more suitable for growing cuttings, these companies specialise in growing mother plants and taking cuttings.)

After a long journey, the cuttings arrive at Gediflora in Oostnieuwkerke (Belgium) where they are placed in the greenhouses to take root.

After about ten days, the cuttings have developed sturdy roots and are ready to be planted into flower pots filled with potting soil. During the next few weeks, the plants are given sufficient water and nutrients in order to allow them to grow further.

A ball shaped chrysanthemum is a true autumn flower. The flowering of this colourful plant takes place after thirteen hours of darkness per day. As soon as the days get shorter, we can enjoy the colourful flower display of the chrysanthemums. The plants are ready for sale approximately 18 weeks after the cuttings have been planted in the flower pots and their final journey to their new home where they will delight the end customer with their MUM love can begin.