It’s your MUMent


2020 was a remarkable year. For this reason we launched an eye-catching and colourful campaign to put our colourful Mum Flowers in the spotlight.

From September until the end of October, it was impossible to miss the “It’s your MUMent” campaign in a selection of specialised flower and garden shops. If you bought a Mum Flowers plant, you could find a code on the label to take part in our hot air balloon contest. 6 end consumers were lucky and could enjoy a carefree 2021 in our Mum balloon. 6 end consumers got lucky and can enjoy a carefree experience in our Mum balloon in 2021.

Missed our campaign? Don’t worry, because you too have a chance of reaching higher spheres in our hot air balloon. How? Keep an eye on the sky in spring. Spot our Mum Flowers balloon, take a picture of it and share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us. 3 watchful balloon spotters will be rewarded with a bright balloon ride!

The story of “It’s your Mument”

First and foremost, it is a reference to being a seasonal product. We want to encourage consumers to buy a chrysanthemum because they are only available for a few months in a year. In addition, “It’s your Mument” reminds the consumer that every moment in your life deserves a Mum Flower. Reward yourself with a colourful Mum Flowers plant and experience your own MUMent. Share those MUMents. Or share those MUMents with people you love.