The name is Mum…


From July till the end of October, the Belgian Mums can be found in every garden center. You might wonder where the name comes from and what does it actually stand for? You can read the answer here!

For years, Gediflora has been offering unique varieties and families of chrysanthemums under the brand name Belgian Mums. ‘Mum‘, the abbreviation of the English chrysanthemum is, among other things, an international name for the richly flowering, typical bulb chrysanthemum. ‘Belgian‘ refers to the Belgian roots of the parent company Gediflora*.

The Belgian Mums are a lifestyle product which respond to the consumer’s need for nature, atmosphere and experience. In 2018 it may all be more colorful, more trendy and hip. The colorful Belgian Mums fit perfectly into this era. They are ideal for decorating gardens and patios so that you can fully enjoy a blissful Indian summer. In addition, the Belgian Mums also enjoy indoor spaces like the living room, kitchen, office, …. The possibilities are infinite. In short Be Mum, Be More!

*Gediflora is a business-to-business global player in the field of breeding and propagation of bulb chrysanthemums and supplies cuttings to growers all over the world (