Mums are budget-friendly, have abundant flowers and can easily be combined


Rudi De Kerpel I Managing Director Eurotuin and Multi-Entrepreneur

Rudi is keen on entrepreneurship and is contantly looking for innovative opportunities. “Sometimes it’s successful, another time it isn’t and that’s what makes is exciting.” He likes to work together with a mix of people, young and old. In this way he combines experience and enthusiasm. 

He is one of our MUM-bassadors and sells the ‘Belgian Mums’ in his garden centres. “It is a very attractive and budget-friendly product. The plants give you the opportunity to decorate your patio with flowers when the summer is over and the bedding plants are withering. The chrysanthemum can also be easily combined with decorative grasses and Erica species and offers lots of possibilities for autumn.” He believes in a mix of colours, such as the combination of bronze-like, earthy colours with bright and soft fashion colours, in order to break the monotomy. 

Rudi is a busy bee and is also responsible for ornamental horticulture at VLAM (Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board). Rudi has always been fascinated by the retail industry. “Plants are beautiful, attractive products that enhance people’s quality of life. Just like the ambition of the Belgian Mums brand, he strongly believes in inspiring consumers. “In order to further convince the consumer, VLAM will continue to organise beautiful presentations of chrysanthemums, in combination with other autumn flowers, in shopping centres from August onwards this year.” Keep your eye on it…