Say it with flowers


‘Say it with flowers’ is not simply a catch phrase. For centuries, flowers have played a cultural role in life. You can use them to get a message across and at the same time your choice of flower also tells something about your own personality. Read more about the meaning of colours and also about the symbolism of a Belgian Mum plant.

Flowers don’t just help you get a message across. The colour you choose when buying flowers also reveals a lot about the type of person you are as well as about your personality.


People who love red are passionate and love life. These individuals bubble with energy and face life’s challenges with a big smile.


If you prefer orange, you are a fun-loving and spontaneous person. Orange enthusiasts love enjoying themselves, their interior, cosiness and each other’s company. Visitors are often enthralled by their enthusiasm.


People who buy yellow flowers are cheerful, bright, friendly and optimistic. They are usually quite modest and enjoy bringing the sun into their homes.


Flower lovers who prefer violet are elegant and artistic. They have creative personalities, love mystery and always keep a close eye on the latest trends.


A person who prefers white has an open-minded and sensitive personality. Often they are perfectionists and prefer their flowers to match every single aspect of their interior.


People who prefer pink are sensitive and romantic. They not only have lots of self-confidence but also a lot of ambition. They are both charming and very trendy.

Besides the colours, the flowers themselves also have a certain meaning.  A chrysanthemum, for example, is a symbol for happiness and prosperity. In Japan the chrysanthemum flower represents sun and light and where it is honoured on Japan’s National Chrysanthemum Day, also called the ‘Festival of Happiness’. In China, this flower means not only happiness, but also stands for longevity and grandeur. In France and Germany particularly the white chrysanthemum holds a special meaning symbolizing honesty.

The increasingly trendy image of the Belgian Mums means that it’s not unlikely that you will soon receive one as a gift.  In that case, you can be sure that the person giving it to you wishes you all the best.