The positive effects of a colourful environment


Our social life is increasingly influenced by factors such as stress, depression, lockdowns, extreme weather conditions, etc.. These are all factors which, we as individuals, have little influence over. But did you know that you feel much better when you are surrounded by flowers in your home? Mum plants immediately put a smile on your face giving you that much needed joy.

Good for you

Flowers and plants are said to have a positive influence on people’s mental health. Are you feeling down? Then quickly bring a small bouquet of flowers or a colourful plant into your home or apartment and enjoy the cosy atmosphere they create. By decorating your patio with some colourful Mum Flowers you can enjoy that wonderful summer feeling a little longer. You don’t need a big budget or a large area to do this either. Be creative with the means you have at your disposal.

Good for your guests and neighbours

Brightening up the entrance to your home is first and foremost good for your ego. Guests who come to visit will undoubtedly pay you a compliment upon entering your home when they are greeted by this colourful welcome. And your neighbours will also benefit from your colourful display, because when they see the cheerful colours by your front door, they will start their day just as cheerfully. Moreover, it is contagious. And also has a knock-on effect. Just take a look at where there are plants by the front door. The neighbours will take you as a role model and soon get to work with their green fingers. What’s more, the neighbourhood will certainly see you as a nice, pleasant person. After all, people who brighten up their front doors with flowers are considered to be warm-hearted and welcoming people.

Good for the bees

The ever increasing use of concrete, asphalt and constant building work is drastically reducing the amount of land and consequently food available for bees. Meadows  with natural wild flowers and plants are becoming less and less common, making it harder for our yellow-and-black friends to find the pollen they need to feed themselves and their offspring. By placing our Mum Flowers at/by your front door or on your patio, you create a colourful food paradise for these little endangered creatures. In this way,  you not only get to brighten up your outdoor area, but you also make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the ecosystem.