Trendy colour combinations with Mum Flowers.


Do you want to create a jolly colour combination in your garden ? Why not combine different shades of pink and orange ? These colours match perfectly well. We are great fans ! Orange is an intense colour. When combined with the playfulness of the different shades of pink, you get the perfect balance. By the way, this colour combination is perfect for letting you enjoy that summer feeling a little longer.

Do you want to create a more harmonious effect ? Why not choose Mum Flowers in bright pink and powerful red ? This warm colour combination will certainly bring that extra cosiness to your terrace.

Do you like the bohemian style ? Why not combine yellow and orange Mum Flowers with purple ones? Yellow and orange are colours that match perfectly well and instantly bring to mind sunny days as well as creating a lively atmosphere. By adding purple to this colour combination, you make the overall effect look a little more daring. We are great fans !

Belgian mums, chrysanten

Bring that autumn feeling into your garden with autumn colours such as orange and red. This colour combination creates the perfect autumn feeling.    

A slightly less obvious colour combination is yellow and pink. Flower lovers often tend to combine pink with red or purple because these shades are very similar. But by contrasting with yellow you create a stylish and attractive accent. This combination is also perfect for people who don’t want to let go of that summer feeling just yet.

belgian mums, chrysanten

Do you want to give your colour combinations a more exciting look ? Then why not add yellow ? Whichever combination you prefer, just add a touch of yellow and the result will be a lot more playful.

You don’t have enough space to put several Mums Flowers on your terrace, but you are a great fan of colour combinations ? Then why not go for a trio of Mums Flowers with three colours in a single pot ? This way, you nevertheless have three bright colours without needing any extra space.