Turn your terrace into “the place to be” with our colourful Mums Flowers


Summer has sadly come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t spend some cosy afternoons on our terrace any more. However, being alone is simply being alone. Our colourful Mums Flowers will gladly keep you company during the beautiful days that undoubtedly await us in late summer.

Colourful table decoration when organizing a dinner party

A wonderful Indian summer ? That means cosy dinners with friends and family to chat about the fantastic summer activities you have enjoyed. Are you planning to organize a barbecue in the garden? If so, then this decoration  around the table is sure to steal the show.

A dinner party in the garden calls for some splendour. Combine different types and colours of Mums Flowers in different flower pots and decorate both sides of your dinner table. Keep your table setting in balance by choosing a plain tablecloth.

Belgian mums, chrysanten

Colourful company

Do you have a seating area in your garden ? If so, why not decorate it with our colourful Mum plants?  In no time at all you can create a cosy nook where you can have a chat in a relaxing setting. No fancy lounge in your garden ? No problem. With a few deck chairs in bright colours you can also create a very cosy sitting area. Arrange your Mum Flowers between the deckchairs so that everyone is surrounded by the colourful magic of our Mum Flowers.

belgian mums, chrysanten

Peaceful and invigorating.

Green makes you feel happy. Imagine going for a walk in the forest. Nothing is more relaxing than being out in the open air surrounded by nature. And then, when you get back home, of course, you can’t resist the idea of adding some greenery and a touch of colour into your garden as well.

belgian mums, chrysanten

Tip: Place your plants within sight of a window, so that even when you are sitting inside you can enjoy your colourful autumn flowers.