10 Reasons why


  1. Endless colours

Belgian Mums are available in an infinite range of colours. These colourful ball-shaped chrysanthemums range from white to purple and from yellow to red. There is a colour for every interior, terrace and/or balcony.

2. Long flowering time

In return for some Mum attention and pampering, you will be able to enjoy the colourful flowering of your Mum plant for at least 6 weeks. Belgian Mums have the magical power to extend your enjoyment of summer. Buy your colourful chrysanthemums at the beginning of September to get maximum pleasure.

3. Low maintenance

Belgian Mums are not very demanding. In return for a daily supply of water, the Mums will show you their appreciation with an explosion of colours. This ball of enthusiasm and good humour will bring out the sunshine in you every day.

4. Unique genetics

Our R&D team is always on the lookout for new varieties. Each year, they develop about ten innovations. This has resulted in new colours, new range of flowers,…

5. Excellent value

You don’t have to spend large amounts of money to brighten up your interior or terrace/balcony. For each chrysanthemum you pay on average 4 euros. By combining different plant sizes your terrace/balcony or interior will be instantly rejuvenated.    

6. Versatile

There are many ways in which you can decorate your home with colourful Mums. You can place them on your terrace/balcony, by the front door, in the kitchen, in the living room, … If you don’t have enough space outside for flower pots, then you can put your colourful Mum plant in a hammock outside in the open air.

7. Attractive ball-shape

The Belgian Mum plant will always provide you with a perfect ball-shape. Over many years, our breeding department has been working to develop a perfect ball-shape, which is one of the most important characteristics of the Belgian Mums’ range.  

8. Air-purifying power  

25 years ago, NASA had already researched which type of plants were best suited for indoor air filtration. This study revealed that chrysanthemums remove the five most harmful toxins from the indoor air. The resulting clean air is therefore not only healthier but also increases brain activity, improves concentration and stimulates learning ability. In addition, clean air is beneficial for breathing and sleep. The chrysanthemum can therefore claim to be a super plant.

9. Autumn flowering plant

Most flowers and plants are at their best in spring and summer. When they have finished flowering, it is the time for the colourful chrysanthemums to come into bloom. The chrysanthemum is a real autumn flower which ensures that beautiful colours and floral fragrances can be enjoyed for a much longer period of time.

10. Cool and trendy

The Belgian Mums are very much in tune with the ‘Indian Summer’ concept. The cheerful colours will certainly prolong the summer feeling. Different colours and pots can be mixed and matched to create a cosy and laid-back atmosphere.