Mum Flowers

Let yourself be seduced by the intense splendour of colour of the Mum Flowers. A real explosion of colour that will enchant both young and old. Vibrant and dazzling.  A pleasure to give and to receive. After all, in no time you can create an enchanting setting that you can be proud of.

Mum Flowers, the captivating smile in your home, garden or on your patio. For those who simply want to have fun or want a more laid-back way of life. For everyone who is looking for that little something extra. For pleasure in life. For them, Mum Flowers are worth their weight in gold.

This strong, colourful plant owes its success to the golden genetics developed by Gediflora combined with the expertise of the Mum Flower cultivators. We bring to you the most wonderful gift of all: the long-lasting pleasure of an overwhelming floral splendour and minimal up-keep. A high level of user-friendliness even for those who don’t have green fingers.  In this way you can experience carefree enjoyment. That’s double the fun !


Unique genetics

The Mum Flowers brand originated as a consumer brand of Gediflora, a business-to-business (B2B) global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums. We deliver cuttings to cultivators worldwide. Our wide range of exclusive breeds and families is known under the brand name Mum Flowers. ‘Mum’, the abbreviation of the English word chrysanthemum, is among other things an international name for the richly flowering Belgian ball-shaped chrysanthemum.



Superb quality

Gediflora’s selection criteria is  based on various characteristics such as colour, shape, flower size and especially shelf life. So that you can enjoy your Mum Flower as long as possible. In return for some Mum attention and pampering, you will be able to enjoy the colourful flowering of your Mum plant for at least 6 weeks.

In a nutshell: a Mum Flower represents  unique genetics and superb quality.


MUM Inspiration