Here are the most important tips for taking care of your chrysanthemums.


It is often heard: “I don’t have green fingers at all”. Have you ever said that ? If so, you should read on, because below we will give you some tips on how to care for these most colourful autumn plants. A ball shaped chrysanthemum doesn’t need much care at all and will delight you with its colourful flowers for at least six weeks.

A few tips for taking care of chrysanthemums :

  • Buy a good quality chrysanthemum. Check in the shop that the plant does not fall apart when the sleeve is removed.
  • Check how old the plant is. Ideally, you should buy your plant when the first buds are showing some colour and there are still a lot of buds ready to open.
  • Choose a suitable spot. A Mum Flowers plant loves the sun. You should therefore put the plant in a place where there is plenty of (sun)light.
  • Don’t give your plant too much water. A Mum plant can tolerate drought quite well. However, just make sure that the root ball does not dry out completely. We recommend you water your plant once or twice a week.
  • When watering, make sure not to direct the water spray directly at the flowers. It is best to water your Mum Flowers plant by pouring the water directly into the flower pot from one of the sides.
  • A Mum Flowers chrysanthemum doesn’t like to have wet feet. Never allow excess water to collect in the bottom of the flower pot.
  • In freezing weather conditions, you should keep your Mum Flowers indoors.

Additional information :

  • Remove old leaves and wilted flowers, this will help to keep the plant looking healthy.