Here’s how to bring that autumn feeling to your terrace.


September has finally arrived. We are gradually saying goodbye to the summer and welcoming the most enjoyable season of the year with open arms: the autumn. When you think of autumn, orange colours immediately come to mind. Here are some tips on how to bring more of an autumn feel to your terrace, thanks to the Mum Flowers ball-shaped chrysanthemums.

Whoever thinks of autumn thinks of the colour orange. That is why the orange Mum Flowers chrysanthemums are the ideal accessory to bring that autumn feel to your terrace. In fact, as you can see, there are different sizes available which can be mixed and matched to suit one’s taste.

Using other colours is also a great way to bring an autumn feel to your terrace. Combine your chrysanthemums with wooden accessories for that homely touch. Pumpkins are also very typical for autumn. Nowadays, they come in all colours and shapes, which makes mixing and matching even more fun.

Straw also evokes that an autumn feeling. Combining a bale of straw with chrysanthemums is ideal because it gives you the possibility to play with different heights. Put one chrysanthemum on the ground and another on a straw bale to create an impression of height. Moreover, wicker baskets are also quite popular for creating a lovely autumn display.