How do you water your ball shaped chrysanthemum ?


You don’t really have green fingers and when you buy a plant you always wonder how many times your new purchase should be watered? If so, be sure to read on, because in this blog post we will explain the best way to give your Mum plant some water. This will make sure that you and your Mum Flowers plant will have a colorful future to look forward to.

How often ?

We recommend you to water your Mum Flowers plant once or twice a week. A Mum plant is not very demanding and is quite drought-tolerant. Our colourful autumn flowers don’t like to have wet feet. However, just make sure that the root ball does not dry out completely.

How do you water your plant ?

When watering avoid getting the flowers of the plant wet. Point the water nozzle between the flowers and avoid pushing the plant open. A simpler way to give your Mum plant a drop of water is to pour water into the side of the flower pot directly onto the surface of the potting soil. This allows the water to seep into the soil and for the roots to do their work properly. You can also water your Mum plant by immersing it in a tub. Take your plant out of the large flower pot, fill a tub with water and put the plant in it so that half of the plant’s pot is immersed, making sure that the water line is lower than the height of the flower pot.