Long live my chrysanthemum: 4 things you shouldn’t do


On our website, you will find a lot of tips and tricks on how to enjoy your ball-shaped chrysanthemum for as long as possible. But it might also be interesting to take a look at some of the things you shouldn’t do. Read on to find out the no-go’s when it comes to looking after your Mum plant so as to make sure that you can enjoy your colourful terrace plant for as long as possible.

What you shouldn’t do with a Mum Flowers plant:

Water too much:

A Mum Flowers plant is not very demanding and is quite drought tolerant. We recommend you water your Mum Flowers plant once or twice a week. Just make sure that no water remains in the flowerpot as our colourful autumn flowers don’t like to have wet feet. If any water remains in the flowerpot, drain it off.

Leave the plant outside in freezing weather:

Mum Flowers plants don’t like freezing weather. If possible, leave your autumn flower indoors for a while or put the plant outdoors in a sheltered place. The Mum plant will show its gratitude and thank you with an abundance of nicely coloured flowers.

Plant in a lightweight flowerpot:

It is better to put your Mum Flowers plant in a sturdy flowerpot. This will help prevent your plant from blowing over in the first gust of wind. If your flowerpot is a bit sturdier, there is less chance of being blown over. This will only benefit the colourfulness of your ball-shaped chrysanthemum.

Put your plant in an unprotected place:

Your Mum Flowers plant really adores the sun, so finding a place with sufficient light is definitely recommended. However, it is also important that your plant is sufficiently protected from other weather conditions such as rain and wind. Heavy rain and wind can cause your plant to lose its brightness and that, of course, is not what we want. Therefore, you should always look for the ideal place with plenty of sunlight but well protected.