Mum plants in different interiors


Flowers and plants are more popular than ever. They add a personal touch and immediately create a special atmosphere and cosiness. We are therefore happy to present to you our Mum Flowers which compliment every type of interior.

Urban jungle

Are you a real plant lover and a follower of the urban jungle hype? Then you are totally in tune with the interior design trend of the moment. Combine the colourful Mum Flowers with other houseplants and give this adventurous lifestyle a colourful boost. Mum Flowers are available in different sizes, so you can easily create colourful accents in a fun way.

Sleek and modern

A sleek and modern interior is characterised by minimalist colours. Such a setting is therefore the ideal interior for our Mum Flowers. Choose a contrasting colour to add a colourful counterpoint in your living space. The round shape of the Mum Flowers immediately catches the eye, as it contrasts strongly with the straight lines of the interior.

Small but nice

Even if you live in a small house or an apartment, you can still make the most out of your interior by choosing the right decoration. When decorating a small space, it is essential not to opt for large objects. The smaller sizes of our Mum Flowers are perfect for these interiors. Combine different colours for a more playful touch.

Country elegance

When you think of a country-style interior, you immediately picture an open fireplace and a comfortable sofa covered in flowery fabric. This style is also known for bringing tranquility and contentment. Since light colours are often used in these country-style interiors, it is recommended that you choose the colour of your Mum Flowers with care. A white Mum Flower plant is recommended to enhance your style the most. Elegant red is also an option if you want your plants to stand out more in your living room. More trendy colours, such as pink and purple, are slightly less suitable for these interiors.

In short, Mum Flowers feel perfectly at home in any type of interior. What’s more, bright colours add some cosiness and a unique atmosphere. Choose your favourite colour, place the plant in your interior and get lots of flowery love from your Mum plant  in return for a little water every 2 days!