This is how to create a warm floral welcome


Summer is over and the summer flowers have had their best days. So it’s time to replace them with lovely autumn flowers. How about some colourful Mum Flowers? They are fully autumn-proof and  just perfect to brighten up your front entrance.

A symmetrical welcome

Do you like symmetry? If so, make sure you use two identical decorative flowerpots and two identical plants. Symmetry works at its best if the colours of the plants are the same. If you want to make it more playful, then add a second level with smaller plants. Go for the same colour shade to give the whole display a more balanced look. Are you going “all-the-way”? In that case, choose a contrasting colour.

Symmetry? Rather not

Are you not a big fan of symmetry? Or don’t you have two flowerpots which are the same? No problem, you can also go for an asymmetrical display. Use a free space (see photo 3) or choose one side of a door to create a colourful corner. You can do this by combining different flowerpot sizes and different colours or by using fun accessories such as benches, lanterns, stools, logs,…