Trends for 2020


Big, bigger, the biggest

In the year 2020, we may well pamper ourselves a little more. Large plants will become the eye-catchers of your interior as well as of your outdoor space. Outdoors the extra-large plants can steal the show. It’s better to use a smaller pot size indoors to brighten up the interior.  


The colour green is back in fashion again. We come across this colour in furniture, clothing, curtains and also in the world of plants. Fortunately, we can also offer a green Belgian Mum, the Primo Pistache. Its cool refreshing colour brightens up your room completely. What’s more, the Primo Pistache really shows its full splendour when combined with other colours!

Natural look

Not everything has to look perfect. You can also use the Belgian Mums to attract lots of bees and butterflies, because these insects actually love the pollen of the colourful Mums.

Unusual colour combinations

Sorting your plants by colour when decorating your home is very soothing. But your Belgian Mums really are the centre of attraction in your interior/on your terrace when you combine several unusual colours together. Why not combine violet, pink and orange? In this way you can create a refreshing look with your Belgian Mums. Or even try going a step further by choosing an eye-catching colour for your pots as well.

belgian mums, chrysanten


As well as using sustainable potting soil such as wood fibre and compost, you can also use a sustainable approach to decorate your home with Belgian Mums. Instead of buying a new flowerpot, you can get creative and give some discarded objects a second life. For example you can use an old crate or cupboard, a watering can, a milk container, a bowl or even a reel. There are endless creative possibilities to give that original touch to your home.