Why chrysanthemums are certainly not old-fashioned!


The shorter the days, the more colourful the ball-shaped chrysanthemums sparkle with colour.

When the summer plants finish flowering, then it’s time for the autumn plants, of which the ball-shaped chrysanthemums are a fine example. With their colourful splendour, they become available during the months of September and October. They are ideal for decorating the terrace or the front door entrance, which means that they are definitely not old-fashioned!

Mum Flowers chrysanthemums are ideal if you want to decorate your garden table. Combine a few small flowerpots with flowers of a similar colour in an oblong decorative container and you will have the ideal outdoor table decoration.

Nowadays, there is a large variety of attractive flowerpots available. As well as stoneware flowerpots, many garden centres also sell pretty baskets to put your ball-shaped chrysanthemums in. Combine your autumn flowers with some nice accessories such as stools, lanterns… or try a combination with other autumn plants.

This cosy seating area is not at all old-fashioned. Thanks to more exquisite colour combinations, you can create a more playful look. Mix and match different flowerpots and plant colours as much as you like and make it cosy by adding some pretty cushions and a blanket.

Mum Flowers chrysanthemums are the ideal plant to bring some colour among the greenery in your garden. They add atmosphere and cosiness after the summer plants have finished flowering. Use different colours of a similar shade to give that trendier touch to your garden.

So we can say that the ball-shaped chrysanthemum is definitely not old-fashioned. When properly arranged, you can create a very trendy display with your Mum plants.