There is no doubting the fact that Belgian Mums are the ideal way to bring colour into your life. But the ball-shaped chrysanthemums have more to offer than just brightening up your home. Mums also have an extensive range of other uses. In China, for instance, they have been used for many centuries in medicines.  However at Gediflora, we are branching out into the food sector.

Mum Beer

Our chrysanthemum beer is one example of our Mum-food range.  An unexpected application, but one that brings a smile to all beer lovers’ faces. The Mum Beer is an amber-coloured, artisan-brewed beer with a complex and rather pronounced aroma.

To be able to enjoy this delicious beer, a unique process was introduced. For this purpose, special plants are cultivated and selected with great care and under strict hygiene conditions. Petals from the beautiful, fully developed flowers are harvested and dried. The unique, delicate extract is obtained from a blend of these dried petals, which ensures the unique taste in the Mum cuisine.

For Foodies

Within the Mum kitchen, nothing stands still. The range is being expanded with numerous applications. There are Mum sausages that are an ideal way to satisfy that niggling hungry feeling, which taste particularly good with a glass of Mum Beer. The chrysanthemum extract is fully reflected in the sausages and adds a spicy taste, which gives the sausages that special flavour. If instead of an aperitive, you feel like a digestive with which to finish your meal. No problem ! Then we recommend the chrysanthemum liqueur accompanied by the irresistible Mum chocolate. In short, there is something for everyone!

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